Salacca or also famously known as Snake Fruit, is originated in Indonesia. There are many variety of salacca, and we offers you Pondoh, the most well known amongst all.

It is scientifically proven that salacca has a high health benefit, as it has high polyphenols and flavonoids for anti cancer and immune boosting response, promote overall body health, good in diet program, eye medicine, maintain cardiovascular health, and memory booster.



Mangosteen is actually an exotic, often admired as “the queen” of tropical fruits. Indonesian mangosteen has sweeter and richer taste, compared to other variety from neighboring countries.

Health benefits of mangosteen fruit are take care of skin, alleviating PMS syndrome, promotes a healthier bowel function, proper cardiac function, anti-inflammatory, and anti cancer.



Dragon fruit is additionally known as “King of the fruit”. This may become your new favorite fruit, and you don’t even have to slay a dragon.

Health benefits of dragon fruit are reduces the risk of high blood pressure, neutralizes toxic substances in the body, improves eyesight, cure diabetes, alleviates chronic respiratory ailments, combat gout and arthritis, and protect the environment.